BNDL was started after seeing how many items babies barely used, or never used, before they outgrew them. Some parents experience the benefits of friends with older and younger kids, and having a hand-me-down system. The clothes can look and feel totally new, while being economical and sustainable. At the same time we know parenthood can be isolating, and finding friends with the right size kids to create a network of "swaps" isn't easy.

BNDL is here to create a circular economy of baby clothes for everyone, for customers looking to purchase or gift a value solution to families with growing babies, and to do good for our environment and our children's futures. 

We want the clothes that have been barely used or unused to find a new home, both to the benefit of parents and the environment. The bigger we grow BNDL the more we can help our planet and families everywhere.

Join today and experience our baby clothes revolution!