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Subscribe to BNDL

With a One Year BNDL Membership, we will automatically send you a new BNDL every 3 months for a year. You’ll get a notification 4 days before we ship to tell us if you need to make any changes based on your growing baby. You can also change the delivery dates at any time based on your needs and free of charge.

You select the size, color and note any other preferences at check-out and in your account profile.

Based on that, we hand-select 12 pieces across 6 categories:

- Short and Long-Sleeved Onesies

- Pajamas (with and without feet)

- Sweaters and Sweatshirts

- Pants

- Dresses

- Accessories (including: Bibs, Hats and Socks)

Please note: The product picture is representative of a Standard BNDL based on color preference. We offer a variety of items and styles within your specified preferences. You will not receive the exact pictured BNDL, no two BNDLs are the same and yours will be made just for you!